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Handcrafted process

Pedro Arrizabalaga Proceso Artesanal The main parts of a shotgun are: barrels, action, locks and stock. The Chromium nickel steel barrels are of the highest quality. They are a perfect balance of elasticity and hardness.

The forged steel action, specially designed to obtain a fine material in its handcrafted process and versatile for the thermal treatment, offers a high performance.

The locks, made up of tempered steel, require smooth perfect operation, which is essential for the life and good performance of a shotgun.

The walnut stock, which is selected by our expert stocker, undergoes a long and careful natural drying process.

All of the steps are carried out in the traditional ways and are entirely handcrafted. The maker is responsible for the barrels and the action. He takes care of the action forms and initial working, which calls for a long apprenticeship period and plenty of experience.

The stocker´s job is the next essential step in manufacturing a hand-made shotgun. His task is to join the stock to the action and locks. He is also responsible for all customer needs, making the hunter feel at ease with the shotgun. He works and shapes a fine piece of walnut until the beauty within its timber shows.

The engravings are entirely handmade. Although they are not significant to the performance of the shotgun, they provide beautiful embellishment. The engraver needs practice and experience to enable him to cater for all our customers’ likes and requirements.

The final ensemble should really be carried out by an expert who knows all of the intricacies and details of a luxury shotgun and is capable of assembling all of its parts to provide a perfect  overall performance. In short,  to be able to create a  luxury handcrafted shotgun it is necessary to find a perfect harmony between all components carried out by PEDRO ARRIZABALAGA.